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Receipt Bank

Interested in reducing the amount of time you spend bookkeeping? Rather invest that time developing your business or with family and friends? Let me introduce you to Receipt Bank – The World’s Favourite Pre-Accounting Platform

Founded in 2010 out of frustration from the amount of time and money lost in forgotten expenses, lost receipts and weekends spent sorting through paperwork. The founders decided there must be a better way to track business expenses and share them with your accountant.

Bringing Business Into Real-Time:
Capture, process and share all financial information instantly. Their unique combination of AI-powered OCR technology and human verification turns documents into digital data faster than any other solution, with a level of accuracy you can trust. There’s no waiting around, no data entry, and no paperwork. For cloud or desktop systems, they update the general ledger in real time, so your business is always up to date.

Your time matters:
You have better things to do than storing, organising and typing up receipts and bills. We help you make the most of your time to reach your goals.

Advisers add value:
Accountants and bookkeepers add value far beyond data entry. With the right information and tools, we can help clients make better decisions and reach their full potential.

Being Receipt Bank Partners means we can provide our clients with this incredible software for NO additional costs!

Contact us today to book a demo.

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