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The App Budget Pack:

As your accountant, it’s our job to ensure you stay compliant, informed and tax efficient, and we want to help with this by supporting you in the best possible way.

With this in mind, we’ve provided a fully maintained Budget Pack for you to use on-the-go!

It includes everything you need to know from each Budget, including predictions, live build-up and announcements, plus a detailed summary and reactions.

You can find this in the App by selecting the icon named ‘Budget Pack’.

This is where we will be posting new content for all upcoming Budgets, so the idea here is that you have access to everything that affects you, all in one place.

We’ve also made historic Budgets available here so you can keep abreast of changes that are still to come into force, keeping you fully informed and aware of any future updates to tax legislation.

We’ll also communicate important alerts and updates to you via push messages on Budget day to ensure communications don’t get lost in your general inbox – quick, easy real-time access to the news that affects you!

Click here to download our app (Code = SHPAPP):


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